Apothecary & 1-2-3 EasyFormulary

Ancient Aromatics Sea Spa is located in the Coastal Cultural Arts District of Historic Ventura, California. Spa treatments include Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Oxygen Therapy, Visualization Therapy Instruction, Energy Work and Magnetic Therapy. All Aromatherapy blends are custom formulated in our Aromatherapy Apothecary. We also offer Beach Massage for couples only. Reservations are required.




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The new and exciting fun way to create your very own “Signature” Essential Oil blends.  CHECK IT OUT!

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Aromatherapy formulas for support in memory stimulation, vizualization therapy, addiction detox, diabetes, obesity, edema, pain, headache, insomnia, arthrites, relaxation, chronic fatigue, burns, wounds, athletes foot, muscle and joint pain, exzema, wrinkles, scars, anti-aging, beauty, massage, menopause, cold and flu, insect bites, natural bug repellants, signature perfume, aphrodisiacs

Aromatherapy Apothecary & 1-2-3 Easy Formulary    


AROMATIC FRAGRANCE fills the air as we blend wonderful essential oils for therapeutic baths, Aromatherapy massage treatments and Signature Fragrances. WE have the largest pure organic and pharmaceutical Aromatherapy Apothecary in California, located in Historic Coastal Ventura, California. Just in case you want to invent a formula of your own, we have developed another first of its kind, the 1-2-3 EASY FORMULARY. We have finally combined technology with Aromatherapy!  ANCIENT AROMATICS uses only the finest, pharmaceutical, organic, or perfumers grade Pure Essential Oils. We do not use any chemically fabricated fragrance or petroleum based oils in our Spa or Apothecary products.


Aromatherapist & Environmental Designer on site h Bambi Rue’be

1-805-643-0690 or mailto:apothecary_store@sbcglobal.net





Just follow the easy instructions for creating your very own Aromatherapy Facial oils, Bath oils, Massage Therapy Oils, or Signature Premium Perfume. You may create up to 10 formulas at a time. Just remember to keep the “Group I.D. Formula Number” the same for each formula!

AROMATHERAPIST HINT*Follow your recipe the first time. Then formulate it just for you. The most important thing is to ask yourself about your lifestyle, health issues, including current prescriptions, plant allergies, and skin type. Use different oils for different skin types and different environments. All of the oils blend well together, there is no need to stress out about using just one oil at a time, I almost never do. I like to add a few additives for my special formulas.


 STEP ONE: Select your favorite carrier or base for your Aromatherapy Formula, and then CLICK a “Group I.D.”, Formula 1 thru 10. Select ONLY ONE carrier or perfume BASE for each Aromatherapy Formula.

Click “Buy Now” at the bottom of each page, or the page will reset itself!  


STEP TWO: Select an Essential Oil or Combination of Essential Oils to add into your Aromatherapy Carrier Base, and then CLICK a matching “Group I.D.”, Formula 1 thru 10 (the same Formula Number you assigned your base carrier). Next, add the quantity of drops per selected Essential Oil. Click “Buy Now”.

AROMATHERAPIST HINT* Essential oils are highly active and effect the Limbic System of the brain. When selecting Essential oils I always reference the historical medicinal properties of the essential oil and its toxicology information. Some plants are great for their fragrance but can irritate the skin when used as a primary ingredient in body oil, or react inadvertently with a current illness. Consult your physician and pharmacist for plant interactions with your medication or condition if you are currently under medical supervision, pregnant, or in an integrated medicine program.




FACIAL OIL per ½ oz. = 6 - 11 drops, depending on sensitivity.  (I use 11 drops for myself and most clients)

MASSAGE OIL per 1 oz. = 15 - 22 drops, depending on sensitivity. (I use 22 drops for myself and most clients.)

PERFUME BASE 10-20% or 3 - 5 drops essential oils per 30 drops of perfume carrier base in a vial, or approx. 12 - 20 drops per 5 ml. of perfume carrier base. (I use 17-25 drops for myself and most clients.)  ****Exceptions: skin sensitivity, pregnancy, oil toxicity. If in doubt always consult a professional.     



STEP THREE: Select optional complimentary Additives to your formula, depending on skin type or desire, and then CLICK a matching “Group I.D.” Formula 1 thru 10 (the same Formula Number you assigned your Base Carrier and Essential Oils). Next, add the quantity of the selected Additive. That's it! Click “Buy Now”! You are on your way to enjoy your very own aromatherapy blend made from the worlds purest and most precious essential oils! If you would like to name each Formula, just type the Formula # and your desired name in the Special Instruction Box, located in the Shopping Cart.


Formula 1 = Lavender Dreams

Formula 2 = Tangerine Lift

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Bevel:  WE ALSO CARRY BULK ESSENTIAL OILS  OR CARRIERS. Please send us a note if you need to order an item out of stock. Please check out the Apothecary Directory for a quick reference of currently carried items.


Thank you. Ancient Aromatics order desk QUESTIONS 1-805-643-0690 or mailto:apothecary_store@sbcglobal.net


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